"Bradenton PC Repair was there when I needed help with my Computer. There is no-one else I would trust with my techonology." - M. Lee

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About Bradenton PC Repair

Bradenton PC Repair was founded in late 2009 when two Computer Gurus decided that people needed another option for getting their computers fixed. We knew that people were tired of big box stores charging ridiculous amounts of money for services that took them minutes to complete, or being told that a broken component was cheaper to replace than to repair.

That is why we founded Bradenton PC Repair, so that we could offer an affordable, reliable and honest computer repair option. Either in our Bradenton office, or in our customer’s home or business, we believe that no matter what is wrong with a computer or how long it might take fix, our customers know what the computer will cost to fix, up-front, before we even start working on the computer. No surprise diagnostic bills, or unexplained service ever.

We take the time to explain every service we are going to perform, in simple and understandable terms, no tech-speak. We are proud that our knowledgeable and professional service is better than what you will find anywhere else. This is why our customers keep coming back to us anytime they have a question or problem.

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