"Bradenton PC Repair was there when I needed help with my Computer. There is no-one else I would trust with my techonology." - M. Lee

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Bradenton PC Repair Services

Diagnostic and Virus Scan

Is your computer running slowly and you have no idea why? Bring your computer in and we will run a full diagnostic on the computer to find out what exactly is going on. From failing hard drives to viruses and failed windows updates, this checkup catches it all.

Desktop / Laptop Computer Repair

Broken screens, wine spills on keyboards, broken hinges... we have seen it all. If it can be broken on a computer, we can fix it. From power ports (DC jack repair) to full-on motherboard replacements, our PC Repair Technicians can repair it quickly and cost-effectively.

PC Deep Clean / Virus Removal

Our PC Deep Clean is a comprehensive clean of your computer. A physical clean, virus scrub, malware & adware scrub, temp file cleanup and system cleanup are all performed. Windows and anti-virus updates are also applied. When you get your computer back it will be as good as new.

Software Install

Software installation can be confusing. We can take care of that for you. We will not only install the software for you but set it up so that when you get your computer home it is all ready to go and all you need to do is launch it. Easy as 1-2-3.

Printer Setup

Getting your printer setup with either a USB cable or over Wi-Fi can be a challenge. We turn getting your printer setup from a headache to a breeze. Most printer set-ups take an hour or less!

Data Backup Up

This is something that everyone should do at least 2 times per year! We can backup your data and transfer it to a thumb drive or to another external device. This service includes the cost of a 128gb flash drive, so you can keep backing up in the future!

New Computer Setup

We can set up your new computer either in our office or in your home. We will set-up your new computer, transfer files from your old computer, get all of the bloat-ware off of the computer and make sure all of the windows updates are completed.

In Home Networking Setup

If you are having trouble with your home network or are looking to get one setup we can help! We connect all of your computers to your network and can even set up basic file sharing so you can have access to all of your files from anywhere in your home.

1 Hour In Home Tutorial

We are asked all of the time if we give lessons. Well, we do! If you need a little help getting to know how to use your new computer, we can go over the basics of how to use your new computer in the comfort of your own home.

1 Hour Computer Class

We are asked all of the time if we give lessons. Well, we do! This is a 1 hour group class that goes over the basics of how to use a computer, general terms and answers some basic questions about Windows. Please click below for a detailed schedule of classes.